New technology - The New 3 axis Hydraulically Operated Delivery Boom

Fleet Transport Awards

Muldoon recently designed and manufactured a new type of delivery boom for pneumatic delivery of animal feed to top loading bins.

This product is aimed at international markets where delivery through top loading bins is common.

The hydraulically operated 3 axis boom is operated using levers and unlike other available booms which are static and require the vehicle to be parked in an exact position, this new design is more efficient in being able to extend, contract, move left or right, up or down etc providing the driver with greater flexibility in choosing a safe location for delivery.

The use of pneumatic equipment greatly decreases the time to deliver the feed compared to delivery through the use of an auger which is a favoured method of delivery in many countries.

The photographed vehicle features the new innovative hydraulic delivery boom, pneumatic discharge equipment for a faster delivery and the Muldoon Tip-Safe hydraulic stabiliser legs to ensure stability and safety whilst tipping.

This high spec cutting edge trailer is diverse in that it can deliver animal feed using the hydraulic delivery boom but can also deliver using the conventional hose discharge system providing operators with the efficiency in being able to deliver to all types of silos.