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Longer 15.65m

Semi-Trailer Prototype

Muldoon Transport Systems - 15.65m Longer Semi-Trailer
Muldoon Transport Systems - 15.65m Longer Semi-Trailer
Muldoon Transport Systems - 15.65m Longer Semi-Trailer
Muldoon Transport Systems - 15.65m Longer Semi-Trailer
Muldoon Transport Systems - 15.65m Longer Semi-Trailer
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Sidewinder Positive Rear Steer Systems Logo

The Sidewinder Steering System is an award winning proven, efficient, reliable command steer system which has been in operation for over 10 years providing many benefits.

During this time, there has been absolutely no failures, in fact, some of the first trailers still operate with the steer system still working as efficiently as day one.

award winning product ..

Winner - Design Council Millenium Award

Winner - NIAGEET Transport & Efficiency Award

Winner - Fleet Transport Trailer Innovation Award 2012

The steer system is available in a mechanical or hydraulic version to suit your application, provides the maximum steering response, works continuously, works equally as well in forward and reverse and is easily maintained.

An established UK product, the steer system has been widely used throughout the UK for a number of years, particularly previously within the animal feed sector. It has been the preferred choice of steer system by many of the larger operators who have experienced the benefits first hand.

Current users include BOCM, Wincanton, NWF, ABN etc. To give you confidence in this product, we can direct you to some of these operators who will readily endorse "Sidewinder" for reliability and efficiency.

With the tendency within the UK for operators to be hesitant in the use of steer systems in general, we have complete confidence the Muldoon “Sidewinder” steer system will change the minds of the most sceptical to becoming the most avid supporters!

why choose sidewinder ...

  • supplied in kit form to your chosen trailer manufacturer
  • operates at 44 tonne with proper weight distribution using 1 steered axle only giving maximum payload
  • has 2 years triallling already undertaken
  • meets all the necessary criteria for VSO’s as stipulated by the DFT as the requirement for longer semi-trailers
  • increased safety through low level of tail swing
  • proven reliability
  • geometry of design ensures less stresses on trailer chassis
  • kinder to road surfaces
  • greatly reduced tyre wear
  • works as effectively in reverse
  • low maintenance
  • award winning design
  • offers a more cost effective, efficient, reliable long term investment
  • Service and support throughout England, Scotland and Wales from appointed reputable mainland service agent

development of prototype ..

Dedicated to providing specialist products and in response to the longer semi trailer debate, we worked on designing and manufacturing a 15.65m longer semi trailer prototype fitted with a Sidewinder steer system. For over 2 years, this prototype has been trialled extensively, modified where necessary and have emerged with a prototype which ...

meets the current EU regulations, operates with proper distribution at 44 tonne within a standard overhang, unlike self steer axles, works equally well in reverse, reduces the level of tailswing through the use of our patent pending kick out reduction system providing greater safety to operator, other road users and pedestrians (as well as less insurance payouts for damages!), requires one steer axle only, is kinder to road surfaces, causes less stresses to the chassis and significantly reduces the final weight due to the need for one steered axle only

limited tail swing offers greater safety ..

During the trials, we reviewed the risk of tailswing as experienced with all steer trailers, Following observations, we concluded the safety risk to be significant in a trailer of this length. This risk was especially evident when turning left or right from the straight ahead position and at roundabouts. The answer to this problem came in the form of the patent pending KICK OUT REDUCTION SYSTEM which in a 15.65m trailer limits the tailswing in the mechanical version of our steer (when turning from a tangent onto a circle) to a level less than 800mm or in the case of our hydraulic version, the figure is released to less than 400mm, a level similar to that experienced by a standard 13.6m trailer.

We consider this development extremely significant in improving the safety in the use of longer semi trailers, and especially with drivers who are not familiar with the use of steer trailers.

available now to your chosen trailer manufacturer

This steer technology is available NOW in an easy to fit kit form to your chosen trailer manufacturer